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Pre-defined Travel Routes

Same Time, Every Day

Travel every day just at ₹5/km

Comfortable AC Vehicles

20min or less Route deviation

Travel With Friends and Colleagues

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  • Ron Bhuyan
    When Ola & Uber are fleecing you, Rostr is your lifesaver. Huge shoutout to the support team for their assistance which I can vouch is legit 24/7
    Ron Bhuyan
  • Nidhi Prakash
    Excellent cab service. On time pick up now drop. Good driver n clean cabs.
    Nidhi Prakash
  • Vivek Devrari
    Game changer. I can plan my travel for the complete month now without having to worry about booking and waiting for the confirmation on other cab services.
    Vivek Devrari

Questions & Answers

1Which localities is the service available for?
Currently we are serving Manyata Tech Park. However, if we are able to form a 3 or more people group which are from same locality and travelling to the same tech park then we can start the service for those trips. Hence, creating own groups increase the chances of ride allocation.
2Is there any trial option?
No, there are no trial options available. It becomes costly for us to source ride for a shorter duration. However, if you don't like the service you can cancel your subscription anytime and get the full refund back.
3Can I change my timings or choose different timings?
No. Rostr is a fixed time subscription transport service. You cannot change the timings during the subscription period.
4When and how can I cancel the subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime. You will get the refund of remaining days in to your bank account. We generally takes 7-10 working days to refund the money in case of a subscription cancellation.
5If I am not travelling for couple of days in month, can I get the money refund?
No you cannot. Rostr is a monthly subscription service based on route availability. Once the route starts, your seat will always be available in the vehicle until you cancel your subscription
6What type of vehicles are used?
We use AC cabs, SUV and Mini-Vans.

Driving In traffic impacts your mental and physical health
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