A premium commute service, Just for you!

Comfortable & Safe

Always on time

Home pick-up and drop

Travel with your friends

15 min or less ride time deviation

Paypal Buyer Protection

No surge pricing

Rostr is a premium home pickup and drop service for office commuters in a shared AC vehicle.

How It Works?


Register your home & office location


Tell us your login and logout time


Wait for your ride confirmation.


Complete your payment

What They Say...

  • I used to waste 3 hours driving every day. Now, with Rostr I am able to read, work and watch my favorite shows sitting at the back-seat
  • With Rostr I am on schedule every day. My kids are very happy to see me on time
  • I was spending around 60 minutes every day for just searching, waiting and booking an OLA ride which was unnecessary stressing me. Now, with Rostr I am saving my time without any unnecessary stress.

Read books, listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite show.

Enjoy commuting.


1Which localities is the service available for?
Currently, we are serving HSR layout to selected tech parks. However, if we are able to form a 3 or more people group which are from the same locality and traveling to the same tech park then we can start the service for those trips. Hence, creating own groups increase the chances of ride allocation.
2Is there any trial option available?
No, there are no trial options available. It becomes costly for us to source ride for a shorter duration.
3What is the minimum duration for which I can use Rostr service?
You can subscribe Rostr for at least one week. Our price varies with different subscription options, the cheapest is the monthly subscription option.
4Can I use Rostr for one way trips?
Yes, you can. You can opt of either pickup only or drop only trips.
5Can I use Rostr for select days?
Rostr is currently available for Monday to Friday. However, if you are able to form your own group for select days then we can consider providing the ride.
6When and how can I cancel the subscription?
You can cancel your subscription end of every week in any subscription plan. That means till Friday you can cancel the subscription for the upcoming week. Rostr does not support ride cancellation for the running week.
1If I am not travelling for couple of days in month, can I get the money refund?
Monthly pickup and drop subscription support 2 free ride cancellation in a month, where we would adjust your money in the next billing cycle. Refundable Ride cancellation is allowed before 24 hours of the trip time.
2How many people would I share the vehicle with?
You will be sharing a 4-seater AC vehicle with a maximum of 3 other people or a 7-seater AC vehicle with a maximum of 6 other people. We can increase the vehicle occupancy with riders consent to provide them rides at lesser price.ple.
3Would the vehicles run on fixed times? How much would I have to adjust my timings?
No, there are no fixed timings. We capture your office login time and then we create routes in such a way that you reach office before 10 minutes of your login time. We also ensure that your ride time deviation is not more than 20mins (30 min in case of weekly subscription).
4Is there any provision for vehicles dedicated only for female commuters?
It completely depends on the ride occupancy. If there is the possibility of clubbing 3 females together then it will be our first priority to club them and create a group.
5 What do I do if I need help
You can begin with going through our FAQ section and the Guides. If it's something urgent, you can always call/WhatsApp us 12x7 between 9 AM and 9 PM at 938-007-6257 or drop us an email at support@rostr.in and we will help you out.